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Creation classic photo books

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Information about photo books:

Photobook is a beautiful, family relic! All photos from photo session are collected in a single layout and create a harmonious story about yur baby. The book`s block is printed on photo paper, the cover may be opened at 180 degree, the layer between the turns of the thermal cardboard granting photo book weight and solidness.

At current moment, printing photo books is included in newborn photo sessions.

Photo book standard pack - Average size of book (square 23cm), 10 turns, acrylic cover.

Photo book extended pack - Big book size (square 30 cm), 10 turns,acrylic cover. As well in this pack included extra book (square 19 cm, 10 turns, title) as a gift for close ones.!

Premium book - wood cover

Premium photo book - Individually can be ordered different sort of books, more information by request.

As well book can be ordered as addition to family and children photo session.

');Made by photos made at photo session with us! Different types and formats of books, design of book agreeable in electronic way before the print.


Video review of photo books

Newborn photo session and photo book with cover from wood or cloth.
Baby photo book photo session newborn in Kiev with wide pages